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iBeLink BM-K1 for sale. iBelink bm-k1 miner, the latest generation of high-performance cryptocurrency miners.


iBeLink BM-K1

The IBelink BM-K1 is one of the most profitable miners on the market, and it is made by IBelink. The Kadena Algorithm is used to mine Kadena coins using the mining equipment. It has a hash rate of 5.3th/s and consumes around 845W of electricity. This was made with minimal power usage in order to lower the miners’ production costs.

It was introduced in November 2020 and weighed 6600 grams. It has a noise level of 72db, which is rather high. This noise level is responsible for any noise pollution generated by the device while it is in use. There are two fans included with the gadget. The heat dissipation is handled by these fans. With the aid of the two fabs, the heat created by the mining device during mining is dispersed from the device. By decreasing the device’s power usage and hash rate, the iBelink firm made it more appealing to miners. This has had no effect on the device’s profitability, and it is thus profitable to mine the Kadena currency using it.

Unlike other mining devices on the market, this one comes with a high voltage. It can work with a voltage range of 190 to 240V. As its connecting interface, it is connected through an Ethernet connection. It can operate at temperatures ranging from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius. Within a humidity range of 5-95 percent, it works. The efficiency with which this item operates is another quality that the manufacturer considers while creating it.

This gadget operates at a 0.156j/Gh efficiency. As a result, the mining gear has a large profit margin. As a result of its efficiency, the mining gadget now has a higher profit margin. This device’s efficiency is a plus.

Hashrate of the IBelink BM-K1

The IBelink BM-K1 has a hash rate of 5.3th/s. It has a rather low hash rate. What’s more, the device’s low hash rate has no bearing on its profitability; it’s still considered one of the most profitable miners on the market. It also has an impact on power usage. This device’s power consumption is minimal, yet it has no bearing on its profitability. The IBelink firm did this on purpose to lower the cost of manufacture required to begin mining with this gadget.

Power consumption of IBelink BM-K1

The gadget consumes 835 watts of electricity. This is one of the market’s inefficient power usage mining machines. The manufacturer made certain that the equipment was built to be energy efficient. This is critical since the cost of electricity varies in value. Miners that live in areas with high energy costs will always see a reduction in the profitability of their mining activities.

Noise Level of the IBelink BM-K1

The IBelink BM-K1 has a noise level of 74db. Despite the fact that this is a highly profitable mining equipment, it is likely to produce a lot of noise. The device’s noise level suggests that it is not suited for use in a household setting. When installed and set up in a residential location, a high noise level implies that the mining gear may cause noise pollution.

The profitability of the IBelink BM-K1

The gadget mines Kadena currency and is widely regarded as one of the most lucrative miners available. It has a daily profit of $24.95 a day, a monthly profit of $748.59, and a yearly profit of $8,983.04. This is an estimate of the items’ profitability, which may fluctuate depending on the price of the currency or the hash rate. Because of its profitability, new miners who wish to buy this commodity may do so.

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Disclaimer: The profit table above is an educated guess based on known real-time elements and parameters. The actual numbers may or may not differ considerably from those listed in the table. The above table is simply intended to offer information and cost estimates to any cryptocurrency miner interested in purchasing this product for mining purposes.


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Manufacturer iBeLink
Model BM-K1
Release November 2020
Top Coin Kadena
Size 155 x 240 x 319mm
Weight 10800g
Noise level 74db
Fan(s) 2
Power 835W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 - 35 °C
Humidity 5 – 95%

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