Lian Li Liquid Cooling Heat Recovery Waterblock for ASICs


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Complete Set for ASIC Liquid Cooling Waterblock System (Water Cooling Plate + Water Pump + Dry Cooler).

Made and customized for amateur to mid-scale mining operations.

These systems supports the customization and overclocking of all types of mining machines of Whatsminer and Antminer.

The heat exchange capacity of the dry cooler varies from 8.8KW, 19KW, and finally 58KW.

Dissipation is suitable for 2-15 mining machines at concurrently. Please note that there are shipping fees to be paid beyond the checkout price for the 19KW and 58KW models. This cost by air freight express can range between $1,300 – $2,250 depending on location. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. For bulk inquiries, please consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.


Mining heating Liquid cooling system

It supports the customization of all types of mining machines of Whatsminer and Antminer.

The heat exchange of the dry cooler can be 8.8KW, 19KW, and 58KW, which can dissipate heat for 2-15 mining machines at the

same time. At the same time, the heat energy emitted by the dry cooler can be used for indoor heating


Excellent High-Quality Seals

The water pipe connection adopts quick connector, which is convenient and quick to install and has excellent sealing performance.

It will not damage the mining machine due to short circuit caused by liquid leakage. The whole system is clean and tidy and can be run at home.


Small size

The total volume is about 0.08 cubic meters, does notoccupy space and is smaller than the general heating and hot water radiator.


Low Noise

The sound of the dry cooler can be as low as 60 decibels,

which is equivalent to the sound of a standard electric fan, and 30 decibels lower than OEM air cooling.


Alternative to electric heating fans

The heat emitted by the dry cooler can reach 40-60 degrees Celsius, and the noise is comparable to that of a general electric fan.

At the same time, it has very low power consumption, making it an attractive home solution for amateur miners.

Not that the total power consumption of the water pump + dry cooler is about 340W) which is equivalent to 1/8 of a typical electric heating fan.

Mining heating can contribute to heat recovery projects such as indoor humidification, pool heating, water tank heating and more can greatly reduce the cost of living while you generate passive income.


Each ASIC model can now be fine-tuned.

The hash rate can be increased by 30%-70% with optimized firmware, and the core temperature of the chip can be reduced to

a minimum of 40 degrees Celsius, which prolongs the life of the machine and improves the stability adopt liquid cooling to

dissipate heat, eliminate noise, isolate dust, and make maintenance more convenient.



For 2 miners (8.8KW), For 5 miners (19KW), For 15 miners (58KW)


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Type: ‎1-15 set s19 pro
Power: ‎270W (Pump power) +70W (Dry cooler) = 340W
Input Voltage: ‎ 220VAC
Heat Exchange: 8.8KW-58KW
Water Speed: 25-300/min
Noise: 60db
Item Size: 58*45*38CM
N.W: 26KG
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