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Antminer S19 XP (140Th/s)

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Bitmain’s Antminer S19 XP (140Th) model mines the SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 140Th/s while using 3010W of electricity.

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Antminer S19 XP for sale

The Bitmain Antminer S19 XP (140 Th), commonly known as S19XP, or model Antminer s19 XP 140 Th, is on the way.

Early in July 2022, the miner is expected to arrive. It’s one of the most powerful Bitcoin miners, with a maximum hashrate of 140 TH/s.

It has a maximum power consumption of 3010W and employs the SHA-256 algorithm as a Bitcoin miner. So, based on today’s market, you stand to profit $37 each day.

Antminer S19 XP Overview

The appearance appears to be similar to that of other Bitmain miners. The new location, on the other hand, gives it a more streamlined appearance.

You have a miner with all of the fans next to each other.
With this unit, you may mine a total of 39 coins. MRR SHA-256 and Peercoin are the best coins to mine.

Bitcoin PSV and Binance BTC are two very lucrative cryptocurrencies. It was supposed to be out in 2021, but Bitmain simply pushed it back.
Acoin, Curecoin, eMark, Joulecoin, Unbreakable, and others are among the coins that may be mined.

AntPool, NiceHash, Poolin, SlushPool, and ViaBTC are some of the mining pools. There are also a few stores that provide pre-ordering options.
The cloud mining platform is offered to anyone who want to rent the unit.

BitFuFu might be the only cloud mining platform that rents out miners. When the miner is offered on the market, others will as well.

Antminer S19 XP Algorythm

Bitcoin mining is associated with the SHA-256 algorithm. Other hashing methods are a little less safe than this one. You’ll also be able to solve block puzzles faster than most other mining techniques.

For those who don’t aware, the algorithm is a safe and established industry standard for mining cryptocurrency.

The approach is simple to implement and immune to pre-image and second-pre-image assaults. You’ll also receive a collision-resistant algorithm.


With a maximum power usage of 3010w, you’ll have a 0.22j/Gh efficiency. You can mine more coins the more power you have. This will also result in an increase in bookkeeping electricity costs.

Nonetheless, due to the large amount of coins mined, the significant electrical expenditures will not be felt. As we approach 2022, this makes it the ideal miner. High power results in increased efficiency and a reduction in the time it takes to mine 37 coins.

Hashrate of Antminer S19 XP

The greatest hashrate you can obtain with the S19XP Antminer is 140 TH/s. You can solve block puzzles faster than other miners because of the power accessible to you. And, given the increased difficulty of mining Bitcoin, this is a godsend.

The more power you need to mine successful coins, the greater the hashrate.

The Antminer S19 XP strikes a balance between all areas of mining. As a consequence, you can mine successfully with a high hashrate and maximum power.

Humidity & Temperature

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to guarantee that the miner operates at its best. You want your miner to mine for longer periods of time without overheating or fan issues. The miner is equipped with four fans to aid in cooling.


The miner will make around $44 in a day, according on current market circumstances. The daily electricity tariff remains at $6. You estimate that you will earn roughly $1,300 each month.

You’ll need to consider your local electricity tariffs. The smaller your profitability, the higher the power rates are. The miner will almost certainly make you some profit, as Bitcoin values rise year after year.

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Disclaimer: The profit table above is an educated guess based on known real-time elements and parameters. The actual numbers may or may not differ considerably from those listed in the table. The above table is simply intended to offer information and cost estimates to any cryptocurrency miner interested in purchasing this product for mining purposes.

Original price was: 8.450,00 €.Current price is: 2.500,00 €.

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Antminer S19 XP (140Th/s)
Antminer S19 XP (140Th/s)

Original price was: 8.450,00 €.Current price is: 2.500,00 €.

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