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Model Antminer L7 9.16 Gh from Bitmain mining Scrypt algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 9.16 Gh/s for a power consumption of 3425W.


Bitmain Antminer L7 9.16 Gh

The Bitmain Antminer L7 (9.16Gh) is the newest miner from the reputable Bitmain corporation. The Antminer L7 9160Mh miner employs the Scrypt algorithm and is also known as the Antminer L7 9160Mh. It has a maximum hashrate of 9.16Gh/s and consumes 3425W of power. As a result, it looks to be the year’s most profitable Dogecoin miner. bitmain antminer l7 9.16 gh, antminer l7 9.16 gh


The Antminer L7 9160Mh can mine a total of 34 coins. MRR Scrypt and NH Scrypt are the most lucrative coins to mine, followed by Doge. The manufacturer’s projected delivery date is November 2021.

AntPool, Easy2Mine, LitecoinPool, and others are among the mining pools that will utilise this platform. The miner, however, is only accessible through specific retailers, according to the maker. AsicMarketPlace, AKMiner, BT-Miners, and Print Crypto are among them.

If you can’t get your hands on the miner, you may join cloud mining services that do. Cloud mining service providers are an excellent method to get started with cryptocurrency mining. In most retailers, the miner costs between $17,000 and $19,000.

Algorithm of Bitmain AntMiner L7 (9.16Gh)

It employs the Scrypt algorithm, which enables miners to join the network and efficiently participate. As a result, when mining Dogecoin, it is simple to solve block puzzles. The market’s preference for Dogecoin makes it a must-have miner.

You’ll also get a miner that can mine 35 lucrative coins with adequate electricity. Some of the currencies that fall within the Scrypt algorithm are quite lucrative. Emerald, Florincoin, Litecoin, and Verge are among them.

Efficiency of the Antminer L7 9.16 Gh

Mining productivity will rise as a result of the high consumption of 3425W. It allows you to mine a total of 35 coins quickly. The miner’s efficiency has been measured at 0.374j/Mh. It also makes it one of the market’s most powerful miners.

Hashrate of Bitmain Antminer L7 (9.16Gh)

It has a hashrate of 9.16Gh or 9160Mh, which is rather remarkable. The company is recognized for producing high-performance miners with a high hashrate. It allows users to mine quicker and earn more money from their mining activities.

The platform employs a high-energy miner to produce results with 35 coins to mine. 3425W will almost certainly boost your power use. It isn’t a consideration to consider at the present Dogecoin market price. Profitability is assured by a high hashrate.

Humidity and Temperature Settings

You must maintain a good mining environment for the miner to perform successfully and for a longer period of time. The maximum humidity is set at 95%, while the minimum humidity is set at 5%. The temperature is regulated to a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius and a low of 5 degrees Celsius.

Noise levels

It has a maximum noise level of 75 dB, making it appropriate for mining at home. However, you may utilize the miners in a huge configuration with no concerns about noise.


Our estimations of profitability are based on current market values. It’s important to keep in mind that prices change based on coin availability and investment. As we write this, daily revenue is roughly $146.

The platform’s monthly income is estimated to be $4,600, with an annual income of $56,200. Electricity costs are determined by local tariffs. Electricity costs roughly $9 per day and $295 per month.

bitmain antminer l7 9.16 gh, antminer l7 9.16 gh

Disclaimer: The profit table above is an educated guess based on known real-time elements and parameters. The actual numbers may or may not differ considerably from those listed in the table. The above table is simply intended to offer information and cost estimates to any cryptocurrency miner interested in purchasing this product for mining purposes.


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Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer L7 (9.16Gh)
Release November 2021
Top Coin Dogecoin
Size 195 x 290 x 370mm
Weight 15000g
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 4
Power 3425W
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 °C - 45 °C
Humidity 5 % - 95 %

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